Derrick Tabbert

South African based Interior Designer, Derrick Tabbert is the Managing Director of Tabbert Interior Consultants. He heads up a dynamic team of young talented interior designers.

Often described as offbeat or eclectic, Derrick’s work is very client-specific, yet all his projects have one thing in common: raw originality.

After Derrick completed a 3-year National Diploma at Wits Tech in 1993, he decided to broaden his horizons and complete a BA Degree in Interior Design at Napier University, Edinburgh.

He returned to South Africa in 1997 to lecture in Interior Design before joining Kim H in 2000, where he would later become a partner and Design Director. Today, Derrick’s extensive Design and Conceptual studies underpin his refreshing, unexpected design aesthetic.

Derrick is constantly amazed and inspired by his home country – specifically the vibrant, underlying energy of Johannesburg - but often succumbs to his wanderlust, visiting trade shows where possible to keep his finger on the pulse. He also devours design blogs and constantly researches global trends.